workin’ on the cb750

This winter’s project is rebuilding my 1978 Honda CB750F3 motorcycle. You can watch the pictures here and follow the SOHC4 Forum thread here.

4 thoughts on “workin’ on the cb750

  1. I have a question for you. I have the same bike and I cannot find a replacement exhaust. Any thoughts. Thanks

  2. philip, there are occasionally people putting up manifolds and look-alike mufflers on ebay. unfortunately, the F2 is a rare beast. your best bet may be to check on people in your town who may be able to custom fabricate one for you based on the engine.

    be sure to check out for the best recommendations on a new F2 exhaust manifold.

  3. You’ve no idea just how long I have been looking for something like this. Great job!

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