dirk benedict is bitter (and right)

Read Lt. Starbuck…Lost in Castration by Dirk Benedict, the original Lt. Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, and Face from the A-Team.

There was a time, I know I was there, when men were men, women were women and sometimes a cigar was just a good smoke. But 40 years of feminism have taken their toll. The war against masculinity has been won. Everything has turned into its opposite, so that what was once flirting and smoking is now sexual harassment and criminal. And everyone is more lonely and miserable as a result.

I agree with my friend Hooch: “But my first reaction, aside from that he does raise some valid concerns and issues, is that he forgot to add at the end ‘And get off my lawn!'”

2 thoughts on “dirk benedict is bitter (and right)

  1. My mother was a single moms. I used to watch her cook and she passed the basic skills on to me.

    She knew this was going to happen. And in the last ten years, I have yet to date a single woman who can cook anything more complex than Cambel’s Soup and Hash Browns.

    I guess I could see the bright side to this being that I up my value when I cook for my lady friends. But god what I would give to have a woman who could cook a good meal. Or even make it a team effort

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