where has she been

The past two weeks, I have been sick – fever, congestion, barotrauma due to plane flight with aforementioned fever and congestion, coughing, laryngitis…it’s been lingering longer than it’s needed to. I am mostly recovered but still sniffly/coughy/post nasal drippy, and my head still feels like it’s full of cotton. No, I haven’t seen a doctor; what is he going to do other than tell me to get more rest?

I am stressed and overcommitted with work, school, programming projects, home construction, home garden, my feline companion, and preparation for conference presentations. I think this is the real cause of my illness.

I’m also committed to travel for the next 3-4 weeks.

I need to ease up on myself; I don’t see that happening anytime soon. :(

Catch me on IRC or twitter if you want to connect.

2 thoughts on “where has she been

  1. Hi Joan,

    My name is Karl Stange and I am the Font Administrator for Dorling Kindersley and Penguin Books based in the UK. This is rather unconventional as I would usually try and contact you via email but I have not been able to find one (which is no doubt the result of a very long day).

    One of our design teams (based in the US) has seen your Cherokee font (https://atypical.netCherokee.html) and would like to use it in a project they are working on. I was wandering if you had any stipulations with regard to commercial usage?

    I can only apologise about the means of contacting you but I hope to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Karl Stange

  2. It was nice to see this comment, Karl — I’ve since dropped you a line. For others who are curious, the font’s terms of use are effectively creative commons attribution license.

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