yummy faggots in my broth

“To make a faggot, cut a stalk of celery in 2 pieces 3 or 4 inches long. In the curve of one piece, tuck a few sprigs of parsley, folding in the end, lay this on a bay leaf, and sprinkle with a little thyme. If the recipe does not include carrots, a small piece of carrot is sometimes tucked in with the parsley. Place the other piece of celery on top very firmly and secure the faggot by winding a long piece of string closely around it. Unless you assemble a faggot firmly and bind it tightly with plenty of string, it is apt to roll apart during the cooking. Always discard the faggot before serving the dish it flavors” -Louis Diat

Essentially a mirepoix that’s not got onions in it. Perfect for those I love who are allergic to onions, if the name is a bit…unusual. From an antique cookbook (1945, published 1961) through my irc bud gyoza.

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