help me find this dvd – found!

Can anyone out there help me identify a film? It:

  • exclusively has art on the dvd jacket
    • of fairly non-descript people
    • in pastels
    • more stick figure than real life
    • I believe they are looking depressed, or at least stunned/dazed
  • has a one-word title
  • It would have been on DVD by 2006
  • It was not made prior to 1995, and probably not before 2000
  • Tends to be available more in independent video stores than in your average Blockbuster
  • I believe it was animated, but it might just be the cover art confusing my memory
  • I believe MTV was involved in its promotion at one point

What I remember is given in reverse-order of me being sure about them.

edit: DVD identified as Happiness (1998). Thank you mengwong. I am reliably informed it is a “terrible but great” film, and that I will want to watch it precisely once.

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