embarrassing chat mistakes, 2007.11 edition


17:02 <@nyar> why the fuck are all thse asics ugly?
17:03 < Wohali> huh?
17:03 < Wohali> most asics are well designed for the task at hand
17:03 < Wohali> OH
17:03 < Wohali> you mean shoes
17:03 <@nyar> i am looking at zappos
17:03  * Wohali slaps self

2 thoughts on “embarrassing chat mistakes, 2007.11 edition

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHA.. I honestly thought the same thing as you at first. And I’m not even into hardware (though I admit to having perused some textbooks lately). Tragically, the context of shoes never occurred to me. Your later line had to hammer into my brain the fact that there are shoes by that name.

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