no longer a gamer?

so I tried. I tried to play a 3-4 year old game (Kingdom Hearts, PS2) and failed miserably. I can’t even get past the first level, where you’re mock-dueling with characters on the beach. I lose every time. I just can’t get the hang of the first-person interface, keep losing who I’m attacking (even with the lock-on), and just get pummeled to bits trying to avoid their attacks.

Apparently I am no longer a capable gamer. :( And this is a Disney game, folks!

Man do I feel old!

Maybe I’m just frustrated too easily, and falling prey to the “the more frustrated you are, the worse you perform.”

[Edit: I managed to get through 3 of the 4 characters. Then I tried 3-on-me, and couldn’t get past that. So I can advance, but SLOWLY. Far more slowly than I can with games that aren’t based on an FPS interface. Guess I need to build those skills…or give up forever…but hopefully the former, if I can be patient enough with myself!]

4 thoughts on “no longer a gamer?

  1. Argh, I remember that opening. The rest of the game (except for the three optional “kill these extra bosses for the extra 2 minutes of final fotage” ending) is *NOT* that difficult. I can’t remember clearly but I think that actually button-mashing may be the technique to pass. :-)

  2. If it’s any consolation, Kingdom Hearts is a horrible game.

  3. I got an emulator and found I’ve lost all my powers of being able to finish 1st with impunity on the original Super Mario Kart at 150cc (well, Rainbow Road was always still tough). Aaauugh, nomorepowerz~~!

  4. I had the same problems with control with Half-Life, though (on the easiest setting) I’ve managed to get through Ravenholm. That section truly creeped me out!

    My friends are trying to get me back into war-related games, as I used to play some BF1942 and BF2. The latest is WiC. More reports this week as they happen.

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