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Hogwarts! by Jay Fienberg Tonight was my first High Table at Victoria College, part of the University of Toronto. I was an invited guest of the College’s Humanities Don, a fellow student over at OISE. Interesting facts learned:

  • High Table really is about as close to Hogwarts as you can get – academic gowns, raised platform, enforced dress code, enforced behaviour, etc. Really fun, actually.
  • College food tastes about as bad as it always has, though Yale’s food was a cut above UofT’s Marriott/Sodhexo crud. At least the dons sprang for cheese, wine and dessert!
  • Folks invited to these things really do enjoy talking about anything, any way, any time. And they’re glad to meet new faces.
  • Exactly what I needed was to meet new people in a non-confrontational setting, to explore new thoughts and ideas, and to exchange hopes for the future.
  • I’m more of an academic than I realized…but not as out of touch as many (tonight’s High Table company excluded!)

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  1. OH NOEZ, that last comment didn’t do me justice for what I wrote…motherfucker…. /me hates on your blogger… anyway, i “less than three” you, k thx pls

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