appreciation without arrogance

Must every Toronto based art & architecture/civic design log serve up the same self-aggrandizing, political-agenda-pushing arrogant snobbery that promotes exclusion and moral crusading over the free exchange of ideas? Hasn’t anyone explained to these people that you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar, and (to paraphrase) your art is not my art?

Oh, right, I forgot. They’re blogs. That’s their point these days isn’t it? Ways to pat your friends on the back, and by everyone else’s conspicuous absence from inclusion, continue to perpetuate your clique’s elitism. Ways to build a bully pulpit and force the world, kicking and screaming, into your point-of-view. Ways to build an image for yourself, based on a meager handful of accomplishments combined with slickly-edited copy and a gorgeous low-available-light photograph.

Yesterday, I had a lovely day in my home city. I was really enjoying myself. It made me want to explore the city more. And then I had to read the blogs I linked to above. They were the metaphorical equivalent of rolling over in bed and finding your hot, sexy lover has been replaced by a mandrill who wants you to put your lips on his/her genitals. And, judging by the kitchen knife in his/her left hand, won’t take no for an answer. And then he/she gets up and blogs about it, attaching the one photo he/she took of you that could be interpreted to imply that you enjoyed yourself — when all you were doing was trying not to gag.

I’m not player-hating. There need to be environmentalists, futurists, artists, free thinkers. Some of the articles in those blogs were actually useful. But do you all have to be so goddamn supercilious?

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