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I am now a fully-licensed motorcyclist, with a fully-licensed bike, a 1978 Honda CB750 Supersport (more pictures).  I’ve fixed up the bike a bunch since these photos were taken; expect new pictures by the end of today.
Big, big thanks to Cat, who taught me everything I know about wrenching bikes, and Chris, who helped us fix it and built the shed around it (and even made us cocoa at 2AM on a late Saturday night while we replaced the chain!)

Now, where should I ride to?  Any suggestions for good day-trips within reach of Toronto?

Also, seems Atlassian picked up my previous post about their awesome tools, JIRA and Confluence.  I’m just tickled pink about the functionality, as is everyone at my former employer.  Though they have their own free license, I’m pondering shelling out a bit for a 50-user license to run my own project sites, such as the ircd-hybrid stuff, and the Voyetra 8 and Andromeda A6 synthesizer sites.  It’d pay for itself in no time…maintaining HTML lists by hand is so early-1990s.  ;)

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  1. I got a motorcycle, too. It’s a Kawasaki 440 LTD. I’m taking the knowledge test for the permit soon, and I just recieved my copy of “The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance” today.

    Yay for us bitches on bikes. :D

  2. Awesome! The best resource for me has been the official service guide for the bike in question. The basics are relatively straightforward if you get someone to show you how, but the specifics for your bike are always a bit unusual. I found a copy on eBay for $20 (though it had to come from Australia…)

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