theremin mating call

My second track of the year is complete. Inspired by Hearts of Space‘s Space Guitars series (6 programs in all), I wrote this all-analogue number over the weekend. Originally it was going to be a theremin aria of sorts, but after adding echo, delay, chorus and reverb, I realized that I may finally be able to play guitar without getting calluses on my fingers…

Equipment: Yamaha CS-80, Andromeda A6, Moog Etherwave Theremin, Moog Minimoog Voyager, Lexicon MPX-1. Recorded and mixed at Waynemanor Studios, 2005-02-26.

2 thoughts on “theremin mating call

  1. Hello,

    I dont’ know if you received my previous message. My name is David Vesel and I host the weekly Internet radio program Spellbound, a brief program of music for theremin. I was directed to your “Theremin Mating Call” track and would like to receive your permission to use it on the program. Please e-mail me at and/or visit the web site for the program at . Thank you for your time! Sorry if you got this twice.

    David Vesel

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