finished project #1

2006 is the year I finish projects and show the world what I can really do.

It’s modest, but I started this knitting project in earnest back in October, devoting something like 3-4 hours a month on it.

It’s finally done, and I think it looks great. Thank you M. for getting me into knitting!

7 thoughts on “finished project #1

  1. Sweet job! Wasn’t your hair sort of curly before or is it longer/different now? I am SO hitting on you the next time I see you.

  2. I just had my hair done…sometimes it’s curly, and sometimes it’s straight. Such is the magic of naturally wavy hair!

  3. Thank you both — it’s such a pleasure to wear something I’ve made myself. I feel empowered, like I’m actually capable of something. Believe it or not, lil’ ol’ me sometimes doubts herself. :) And I’ve got the sniffles today, so it’s just an amazing piece of fabric to help cover myself up!

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