not a blogger

So’s front page has proudly displayed my blog as the “main attraction” for a while now…but perhaps this isn’t quite right.

I write in my blog only every week or two, and only when I have something to say – I’m not going for volume or website hits, just to show who I am and what I’m thinking about. As time passes, some things stick out in my mind – creative writing, for instance, or personal story. I generally link to those on the sidebar and pull them out into real articles, whith WordPress handles quite nicely. Focusing on the change and the scroll is less useful than having a good information architecture, and while tagging is nice, how many people have actually gone back and read everything I’ve ever posted, other than you stalkers?

Then, I just think about how much of a hassle it’ll be to rearchitect my site, again. Maybe I just need to make the navigation easier, and make it clearer what I have to offer. Stuff like my Voyetra 8 site is some of the most interesting concent I produce, yet it’s buried at the bottom of the list. You wouldn’t think it’s the most important thing I do outside of work and school, would you? (For those of you paying attention, there is V8 stuff coming. RSN. I promise.)

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