shells, side 1

Just before my grandmother died last year, I went to visit her. On the way, I started to get into knitting, more seriously than I had just when I’d made my first scarf. I started on a pattern from Rowan called “Shells,” out of the “Cotton Tape Collection” book of patterns. It’s in Shadow, a now-discontinued but FABULOUS yarn that looks green in sunlight, but brown inside. (Must be due to some fluorescent pigment — anyone know if any other yarns have this effect now that Rowan doesn’t do this one anymore?)

Well, I got stuck, stuck, stuck when I got to the armhole decreases, and put it away for a very long time. But my good friend Monica came over for an evening of food recently, and she helped me figure out where I’d gotten stuck. Tonight, I finally finished half the garment:

\"Shells\", Rowan Cotton Tape, in Shadow, Side 1

2 thoughts on “shells, side 1

  1. That yarn must still exist: a Pakistani friend of mine showed me a scarf made of it some ten years ago, in Pakistan. No clue as to the name of the yarn or dye though.

  2. The specific yarn has been discontinued (you can find balls here and there…) but the dye is certainly still around. I just want more details on the dye!

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