dys4iK‘s Lilac (256k VBR mp3, 1:21:32, ~120MB)

_Set List_

Stama & Nick Proteus – People and Places from the Past (Original Mix)
Soul Tan and Tone Depth feat. Heroic – Back to You (Original Mix)
West London Deep – Inside my Head
Piece Process – Synthsations (Luke Fair Remix)
Piece Process – New Driver
Distance – Vertigo (HedStatic Remix)
Chus & Cebalos vs Tedd Patterson – In Stereo (Mucho Dub Mix)
The Funky Badgers – Funky Tramp (TFB Original Mix)
Smokin’ Jo & Washington present The Black Europeans – State of Mind (D-formation Remix)
Chris Cargo – Saddle Funk (Graeme L. Remix)
Mateo Murphy – Contact
Christian Varela – Carlos Duran (Christian Varela Remix)
Mateo Murphy – Meltdown
Ant – The Tempest
Kristoff – Digital Degenerate (Original Mix)

Engineered by Wohali. Produced by Psykotic Productions.

[EDIT: Link changed to one with unlimited bandwidth.]

1 thought on “lilac

  1. Figured I’d take the time to pointlessly/shamelessly whine about not having a torrent for this. As I’m on dialup and that sucks. Yep. That’s all I got.

    That, and I need sleep. More of it.

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