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From undisclosed, reliable sources @ Sesame Workshop: “The upcoming 4-disc Best Of Electric Company DVD set will contain 6 episodes from each of the 4 seasons of the show. It is aimed at the adult nostalgia market. Episodes have not yet been chosen, but they are likely to be a subset of the shows previously selected for Noggin TV, and will be selected to minimize duplication of material on the DVD.”

Sadly, there will be no framing of this material for its original educational purpose. While I presume the release is targeted at my generation…how many of those parents would love to show these programs to their children? And, how can this be accomplished in a positive manner without framing 30+ year old programming within modern educational contexts?

More punditry later; film at 11. Also: anyone in New York who can pick up a copy of this Sunday’s Newsday for me?

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  1. I can try to pick one up for you. Just give me a call on Sunday evening to get an update on my progress. (I may have forgotten.) /msg me on IRC if you need my number.

  2. As I suspected, I forgot to stop by a newspaper stand while I was on the way to church, so I forgot to pick up a copy of that newspaper for you. Sorry.

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