i’m losing it

Slowly with time I am going insane. I feel like an island in Toronto. I’m tired of my roommates playing games all night every night. I dread going home for fear I have to deal with them. Oh, and I’m still dizzy all the time, which can’t be doing wonders for my mood or mental state.

4 thoughts on “i’m losing it

  1. Hopefully the weather will get better as it gets closer to spring. That may help.

    I Hope things improve.

  2. Awake at 4am, in cold sweat. My roommate Banshee has been playing her meowing games again. Yes dear, I’m quite touched by the fact that you chose to settle down here, next to my pillow; but please stop thrashing your tail like that, so I can catch another hour of sleep.

    “I’m going slightly mad…” The song plays over and over in my head like a diabolical tape loop. Poor Freddie. Poor me.

    I have just realized that I am an island. And not even the Toronto Island either, with its nice little park and cute little airport. More like South Georgia. (Hey, that’d be a nice place to go windsurfing! One last time, that is. Hee hee.) Still, I’d rather be a remote island than a pathetic landlocked piece of dirt, permanently surrounded by the same old crowd. And besides, I can always join some archipelago or other, whenever I please. Right?

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