15 thoughts on “Brain teaser

  1. ARRRRGGGHHHHH, I’ve gotten all but E H I O T V W…

    I KNOW I have seen W before… I was never a driving game fan so T doesn’t leap out… and I’m wracking my brain thinking about H, ’cause I can envision the cabinet. GAAAAAHHHH.

    Be sure to hide spoilers behind a <span style=”color: black; background: black”> tag :) :) :)

  2. You’re way ahead of me, but at least I got ‘t’ – it’s Out Run! I’ve been playing Out Run 2 a lot recently, so it looked familiar.

  3. I can envision almost ALL of the units, but I just can’t corrolate the font with the title!

    Q still upsets me. Badly-formatted answer on their part…

    P.S. — I == Centipede. Drove me nuts too. :-)

  4. I don’t give any answers away…


    This one is patently unfair.
    Very rare game, not a shooter, not a driving game, 1982.
    Two words, E is in the second word.


    There was a lawsuit that caused this game to be renamed.
    Two words, H is the start of the second word.

    I: someone gave this away already.


    Body blow! Body blow! Left, right, left, right, left, right…

    T: someone gave this away too…


    Quit clownin’ around. A rare game as well.
    Think of synonyms for places where you might find clowns.


    Like J — more famous in other media, not video games. You’ll kick yourself over this one.

  5. I’m completely stumped with only four to go: E, H, J, and Y.

    Damn you, Wohali! I’ve been staring at the screen for more than an hour! I’m dying over here.

  6. Update: After about four hours and multiple attempts, I finally got H.

    Only three more to go. Figure I should be done by Wednesday at noon if I don’t get any sleep.

    Once again, damn you, Wohali!

  7. I managed to get all but E and J. I swear I recognize E from somewhere, but I don’t recall having ever seen J.

  8. J:

    Like W.
    Not the president.
    More famous in other media.
    Think album cover.


    Last letter of the title.

  9. E is totally rare, but I’ll give one more hint:

    They used to play this game a lot on the competitive video game TV show Starcade.

    See my J hints above.

  10. E is so rare that I’ve never played it, so I don’t have any clues to give away. I only found it through exhaustive research.

  11. I’ve finally put this ugly chapter of my life behind me. I have the tendency to get a little too obsessive when it comes to quizzes. No more, please!

    But thanks for the help. I wouldn’t have gotten the last three without you.

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