a fantastic IRC log

…after reference to a date in 1993:

11:49 <@Jim> my last stupid dating moment came aboot 6 months after that date
11:49 <@Jim> coincidentally, with someone who went on to date Frank
11:49 <@Jim> :)
11:55 < Frank> heh
11:55 < Frank> she crazy
11:55 < Frank> my stupid dating moment lasted a lot longer
11:55 <@Jim> if i had any idea when i was dating her how off her rocker that
bitch was
11:57 < Wohali> how off her rocker?
11:57 <@Jim> words cannot describe it, joan
11:58 <@Jim> every time i talked to her, i could hear the baby jesus weep in
the distance.
11:59 <@Jerry> well shit, if she dated both you *and* Frank
11:59 <@Jerry> she must have been pretty fucked in the head
11:59 <@Jim> Jerry: i’ve been saying that for 10 years

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