• Sign the Save The Apollo Launch Tower petition! You might know that one of my passions is the preservation of technology history. This is a prime example of what we can achieve with just a little bit of work. While I’ve visited the facilities that helped build the space shuttle in Louisiana, I never did get to see anything Apollo-related outside of the Smithsonian. And someday I want to take my kids, or my students, to see something like this. Don’t you?
  • I’ve applied to audition with a local band that turns out some awesome music. More info as it happens.
  • Busy cleaning stuff up at work from being gone for a week, may take me a while.
  • Eager to head out in Toronto to some good restaurants and explore the city through its cuisine — who’s with me? “Subsidies and grants may be available on a needs basis.” :)
  • Heads up — more special topic-related posts coming on the friends-only groups within 48 hours. Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “JoanBits

  1. Would love to join you. You know how I love good food.

    But i think the drive out would kill me.

    Miss ya.

  2. I’ll play at-a-distance psychic meal companion for a couple more months while i finish rounding into shape :D, them eating tours can be oh so fillingly good :D

  3. I don’t know much about the preservation of technilogical history …..

    But I know alot about eating !!!
    I don’t know if being preggers makes it better or worse though.
    ex:I can’t eat spicey food anymore, but I’ve taken to eating alot more meat and vegetables. Then again .. you’re a vegan so that’s not as interesting to you as it is to me and my doctor … Now I’m rambling … damn headache …. Loves ya babe …..

  4. I’m eating meat again, albeit in VERY controlled quantities. And I was never a vegan, just a veggie! :)

    Having real honest-to-goodness beef taquitos and tamales in LA was a real treat. :)

  5. I need to visit Boston this year to clear out my storage areas….will definitely make a point of eating out with y’all. :)

  6. I’ve applied to audition with a local band that turns out some awesome music. More info as it happens.

    yay! you and my friend K should get together… that’s all she babbles about now that she atarted playing again :-)

  7. *dips you in creamy sauce and eats you up*
    mmmmmmm veggies.
    Becareful with the meat …
    I remember somrthing about meat giving you a bad belly.
    And that’s just not nice.

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