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  1. I so need to get that.

    and now I so need sleep. hmmm maybe I’ll dream about the misfits, cause Gem was cool, but the misfits were badass.

    or something…

    night :-)

  2. i think i had a crush on Sting. the bad guy male singer that was kinda a bit character…. i couldn’t believe there was an actual singer named Sting that had nothing to do with that cartoon! i thought that the REAL Sting and the cartoon Sting were based on each other!! took me a long while to realise, no, cartoon Sting does NOT have a record out. it has nothing to do with Jem… was such a crusher!

    i think i still have my glitter and gold Jem. tape and accessories! much better quality doll then the barbie’s of the time, though even worse in the anatomical improbabilities.

  3. Pourrais je alors te dessiner des etoiles creuses bleu et roses sur les joues avec du maquillage alors?

  4. I never missed an episode, and that really used to make my dad mad! He would say: “That’s a girls cartoon! Go watch The Transformers!”

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