Congress Expands FBI Spying Power

Basically, the FBI can subpoena information about you from any organization without talking to a judge. And they can slap a gag order on the organization supplying the information.

Whereas before they just got this information illegally, they can now legally find out anything they want to about you, anytime they want, and you’ll never be the wiser.

Because the provision was attached to a confidential spending bill, there was no public debate about it either. And you can bet your sweet ass that it’s not being covered in the mass media, either (I don’t consider Wired a mass media source.)

<waits patiently for her Canadian immigration to be approved>

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  1. they must have gotten bored with using Canada as their piggy-back to spying on their own citizens.

  2. Maybe I’ll go expat too. This country is going down the fucking tubes. I hear Australia is nice…


  3. This is clearly unconstitutional. Someone needs to challenge this immediately after it becomes law. I can not foresee the supreme court allowing this without the few remaining half decent judges dying before the next election.

  4. Try New Zealand. The australian PM would sell his soul for a kind word from Bush.

  5. This is scary. Sometimes I don’t know whether the US is just getting more chaotic, or really sliding into something definite inspired by above.

    The former is not so bad compared to the latter.
    Shades of “Farenheit 451”, in a way…

  6. Dont be so sure of outsting Bush.. lost of mindless followers in the midwest and south loves the guy because of the religious groups… :/

    Hongcouver isnt a bad place either.. Umm salmon..

  7. Ahh.. the Patriot Act.

    Ever preserving and enhancing the Imbalance of Power..

    I’m afraid it will likely be a long while before there is any chance of stopping the psychos from further destroying this country.

    Their closest opponents are still a far cry away from any decent chances. Most of the Democrats are just monkeys in suits. As Clinton said, they have no strong leaders.

    I also find it somewhat surprising that none of them have actually stood up for the gay marriage thing in Massachusetts, yet have clearly stated to support “civil unions” instead.

  8. the signs of a diseased, and dying society are becoming rampant. if they don’t change things soon, the “leader of the free world” country is gonna go kaputs.

  9. Sometimes you have to go through hell yourself just so that you know what its like. This is true for countries as well as individuals.

    Hope you have no problems with immigration.


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