While knitting, I realized the scarf was going to be too wide, and my stitches were getting WAY too tight. (I could barely pull them along the needle!)

So I’ve ripped the entire thing and will start over tomorrow.

At least I’m enjoying myself! :)

7 thoughts on “oops.

  1. If you *really* want to be proper, make a gauge swatch. Cast on 20 stitches, work in the pattern I’ve set for you and then see measure how big that is. The gauge swatch info is in the book I’ve leant to you.

    Good that you’re still enjoying it!

  2. *gryns* i remember my grandmother teaching my how to knit. i was so terrified i’d to go sleep and forget that i stayed up all night for two nights…. till my mother caught me. i’m so happy you are havin’ fun with this!

  3. I think knitting’s harder than crochet. I was learning to knit for a while last year, and found I had to really concentrate on it, so I couldn’t watch Buffy at the same time. It seems like it would be fun if I practiced, but I can crochet at this point almost without looking, so I do that.

    How are you?

  4. I’m coming to toronto baby! If i have time, seriously, shall we meet? My sales guy may be with me, but he’s cool enough =)

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