For Johnny

On one of the few mailing lists I can still tolerate, the following cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire was posted. All I can say is — wow.

Check out the band, and two other songs (Misdirected, Dragonfly — this one’s for you, and ) at According to the producer, Bryan Carrigan (who’s on the mailing list), their template was “Dead Can Dance meets Bollywood.” Melissa’s voice is hauntingly beautiful, and her tonal accuracy far exceeds anything I’ll have the time to ever approximate with my own ability. (She studies with a Bulgarian vocal teacher, and practices >3 hours a day with vocal exercises!)

6 thoughts on “For Johnny

  1. UNiversal Hall Pass is an outgrowth of a Boston band called Splashdown, Splashdown is one of my favorite bands.

    I’ll try and put some up for you somewhere.

  2. Hey Joan,

    I know it’s off-topic but I couldn’t find you anywhere else. Just wanted to make sure I said congratulations on your first year of being in Canada!

    – awh

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