Notorious M.S.G.

M.S.G. in the house! (or its parent page or lyrics)
(Oh yeah!)
F.O.B. in the house!
(Oh yeah!)
Are you off the boat?
(Oh yeah!)
FRESH on the boat?
(Hell yeah!)

18:57 <@Wohali> Put your hands together for the the wontons and the baby bok choy...
18:57 * Wohali funks out
18:58 <@Wohali> Is it wrong that I really dig the spoof songs, but can't stand the originals?
18:58 <@Wohali> So much so that the spoof songs actually turn me on?
18:58 <@Wohali> like, this is the first song in the soundtrack to my new makeout CD-R.
18:58 <@darkhyou> yes, that's wrong. oh so wrong. bad wohali.
18:58 <@LEDMirage> Issues!
18:58 <@Wohali> oohhhh yeah
18:58 <@Agi-chan> whoa, it's Wohali
18:59 <@Wohali> we still he're bitch

8 thoughts on “Notorious M.S.G.

  1. You may keep the title IF AND ONLY IF you both make me aforementioned makeout mix and show me how it’s done.

    Yo, that’s the way MSG like to do it, yo. Just chill…laid back.

    Do me, you stud.

  2. Uhm.

    I will do whatever I have to do to keep the title… and as a good king I usually try to go beyond the call of duty…

    P.S. I am trying to write an essay here and you are not making it easier to concentrate. Not that I particularly mind… ;)

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