joanbits for mid-March

  • had the best experience on a bus. EVER.
  • Someone who won’t let me link to the entry (private only) posted a story about a guy who sued himself — because of multiple personality disorder. Trying to get a link — the story happened in Belton, Texas (of course, where else?)
  • found this gem from a great Portuguese writer on how Bush is screwing up the world.
  • My close friend little_chris showed me a great show last night called Talking With Americans. Americans know so little about Canada, they thought that “pummeling caribou to death with Timbits” (that is, Tim Hortons donut holes) was a traditional form of caribou population control. “Congratulations, Prime Minister Horton, on your double double.” :D
  • Another friend not on LJ posted to me this and this about how Bush Sr. doesn’t agree with his son’s actions.
  • had this great moment in the usually dull realm of technical specification writing !
  • and has fun with Rubber Duckies!

Update: Found the link to that suing-self-for-Multiple Personality Disorder article.

9 thoughts on “joanbits for mid-March

  1. Yes yes, Americans are stupid and ignorant and don’t know anything about anything happening in the rest of the world. Unlike Canadians and Mexicans and Japanese and the French, of course, who are quite worldly and know all kinds of things about all other countries in the world… oh wait, nobody ever makes TV shows about those countries to see how ignorant THEIR residents are.

    Wonder what would happen if Americans did a show called “Talking with Canadians”.. You think the Canadians would get all the answers right? After all, every Canadian is taught that all Americans are southern conservative Christians who drive SUVs and owns 5 guns. And of the white male Americans, every one of them hates women and black people. They all know that, right?

    I almost forgot that we’re all fat too. I’m assuming the Canadians are well aware of that.

    It’s funny that one country has made hating the people of another country such a big part of their culture.

  2. The bit with the show was that they’d ask questions of Americans that were obviously silly (“Do you support the current bombing by Russia of Saskatchewan?”) and get replies like “Yes, we do!” instead of “Huh, the Russians are bombing Canada?” Or even “Where’s Saskatchewan?” This involved govenors, Al Gore, and even W. himself making blunders. They duped a govenor of a state into believing that Canada didn’t have a 24 hour clock, and had just moved from the “french Metric 20 hour clock” to a 24 hour clock.

    The sheer hilarity of it overruns any national obsession. And yeah, it could probably be done with other countries, but it’d be doubtful that as many citizens of another country would pretend to know as much as the Americans pretended they knew (and got blatantly wrong.)

  3. S’ok, I have it on VCD myself, and have a filter for my LJ comments to another folder. :P But I love notes from you! ^_^

  4. Funny, you don’t look like a duck. or a cow. :P

    I say “flap flap flap” like a butterfly.

  5. Do you suppose the people who asked, “The Russians are bombing Canada?” got put on the air? :)

    Interviewing politicians isn’t exactly representative of the average American, you know. When you ask a politician a question, their line of thinking goes “What is my canned response to this question? If none, what response would help make me look important?” They never bother to think “Does the question even make sense?” and 99.99% of the time a politician will never say “I don’t know.”

    Picking on dumb people is funny, but acting as though an entire nation of people is represented by those dumb people is counterproductive. Remember movies from past decades when black people only sang, danced, and ate watermelon? Remember when TV shows from the 60’s portrayed all women as June Cleaver types? It might be funny, but it doesn’t do much to promote good will.

    By the way, a quick poll. If you told me the name of the prime minister of Canada, I would recognize the name. But if you asked me who the prime minister of Canada is, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Does that make me ignorant?

  6. BBW are ALWAYS welcome here. As are otters. ^_^

    And congrats on the loss of weight! ^v^

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