*blush* thank you

To the person from Paris who I can’t immediately identify, who purchased the Three Colors Trilogy book from amazon.com for me —

thank you. I can’t wait to read those scripts! But who are you??? (and my apologies for not recognizing your name…)

2 thoughts on “*blush* thank you

  1. Hi Joan :)

    I’m glad the birthday gift made you cheerful. I’m also glad it reached you (^^

    And don’t be sorry because you didn’t recognize me, I’d be surprised if you did. No big deal, really. Well, I must be one of those rare people that remembered the day when you announced you were leaving the Turbo List (waaaaay back in… 1997? or was it 1998?). Though I was not quite a regular, I always enjoyed your posts and your technical commitment towards the PC Engine :P

    Anyway, I wished you happiness in your new life and you kindly replied to me privately. That’s the kind of tiny moments in life you never forget somehow. Last year, by pure luck (I wouldn’t even remember how!), I stumbled across you website and was amazed at your life journey since then – especially the Japanese part T_T

    I followed your diary log from time to time, I silently shared your joys, your frustrations, your reflexions, the reactions of your many friends… That may sounds crazy nowadays, but sending you a little “anonymous” gift for birthday seemed perfectly natural – but I just can’t remember today how I did to add you to my Amazon Friends list :P

    Well, that’s it. Enjoy the reading – and be happy in life, that’s what the trip is all about… :)

    Best regards,

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