While doing a search for nose exercises — that is, can one learn to twitch one’s nose like Samantha from Bewitched — I found this web page:

Jeannie vs. Samantha @ WWWF Grudge Match

Here’s a sample:

Foolish, foolish, Steve. You’ve fallen right into my trap. Yes, Samantha is always too nice — but this is a cat fight and all rules are off. Sam never sent anyone to a dungeon because she never wanted to. Now she wants to. Did Jeannie ever send someone to a dungeon when it was appropriate? No. It’s appropriate now, but what will she do? (I refer you to my previous elephant/Gobi statement.) Samantha may not be able to reverse Jeannie’s spells (of course, as mentioned, since Jeannie is not a witch this is probably moot), but she won’t have to. Why should be concerned with returning Wednesday from her amphibian state? Or about returning Cousin It from a polar ice flow?

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  1. girls that can tweak their noses like samantha, those are the kind of girls you try to marry.

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