okay, okay

I took everyone’s advice and went to the doctor. Spent $46.43 and got “free” drug sample antibiotics, nasal corticosteroid spray, and some Tylenol 1 (hooray for Canada and codeine being OTC!) This should cover the basics of a bacterial infection.

I’ve also been ordered to stay in bed. So no work for me this week, I guess. He said it’ll be OK if I go away for the weekend, as I’ve planned a trip to visit my grandparents and brother in New Orleans for Friday-Monday. (My grandparents are very ill, and my brother and I have some family business to which we must attend.) But I need to conserve my strength.

Thank you all for your well wishes. I believe I’m on the physical road to recovery now. And I’ve only just begun. ^_^

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  1. I’m becoming a big fan of Olive Leaf Extract as a good herbal anti-bacterial anti-viral anti-microbial agent. Costs $15 for a bottle at Shoppers which lasts about a month.

    Here’s a link about it http://www.drhoffman.com/oliveleaf/ Of course Internet stuff can always be pure FUD. But, I like it.

  2. now dear Wohali… be a good girl and follow doctor’s orders,and stay in bed!!!!

    remember, he didn’t say anything about anyone JOINING you.. hee hee hee!!

  3. Hey you,

    Make sure to read the side-effect list for your nasal steroid. I had a sinus infection in late September that lasted until early November…it turns out that one of the side effects of the nasal steroid that I use for allergies is “makes the user more prone to sinus infections.” After more than a month of being miserable with the infection, I stopped using my nasal steroid and was fine after 3 days.

    Feel better soon.

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