Holiday update

gets an entire box of gold stars because, when I mentioned on here I had tendonitis, she went out of her way and got me a pair of gorgeous boots — Doc Martens’ style, from Skechers. THANK YOU ! (Sadly I wasn’t home when the delivery person came on the 24th, so I had to pick them up myself. But she had specifically mailed them so they’d arrive in time! What a wonderful woman!)

Today’s spot of humor: Jesus is with you always now, even if you’re an insurance agent or a truck driver. Apparently, when Jesus comes in your truck, he gives you a really close back massage and wears eyeliner. o_O

4 thoughts on “Holiday update

  1. …and sometimes he watches over you as you fix some good lookin’ guy’s Wurlitzer. Okay, it’s an organ and I’m only remotely handsome to most, but so what? Happy New Year!


  2. Nice ta see you on here finally. I’m working on finding a replacement speaker, everyone’s closed for the holidays. Will let ya know soon :) And thanks again for letting it grace my living room for a while. It’s just loving the workout I give it — alternating Chopin and Chick Corea. :P

  3. …I thought people were worshipping Ozzy Osbourne!


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