NYC trip, first day

The trip was long…but good. I took a new friend down and we had a wonderful time in the Village and Alphabet City (who knew it was trendy now? Sheesh, I wouldn’t have ever gone there before!) 16 hours of driving…but customs just waved us through. How nice! (There wasn’t really anything of value anyway, so it would have just delayed us for no reason…)

Phew. Then, last night, I stay out all night at a birthday party for another new friend of mine. Yikes! Not enough sleep…and then work today.

Fortunately it was slow, getting my computer together, organizing the office, and the entire senior management was out of the office on a facilitation meeting. So I got to take it slowly.

Time for a nap, then another evening out. I just don’t quit, do I? :P

8 thoughts on “NYC trip, first day

  1. woo nyc! when i was there during thanksgiving, spent some time in the village ans alphabet city too, yeah it was pretty trendy. hit some live jazz bar called rue b., another bar i forgot the name of, and yafa cafe… very cool. can’t wait to go back in feb. ;) again, congrats on the job.

  2. It’s still pretty gritty. Alphabet City is trendier.. but it still has some grim and grit to it. It was great having you down here – you always have a place to crash on Ave. B. Come back soon!

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