I want my WohTV!

so I was on TV tonight — on a show called play, a current performing arts show on the CBC cable channel. It was for this cute folk rock duo from Vancouver called Tegan & Sara. I really do dig their music, but likes it a whole lot more :)

Anyway, we got a photo together, which I’ll post as soon as uploads the photos. I even got to trade cute comments with Tegan about lending her my jeans, since hers weren’t tight enough. (Don’t ask :P )

And the host of the show is a really cute guy; I didn’t realize until later he was Jian Ghomeshi of Moxy Fruvous! What a small fuckin’ world. Everyone was unpretentious, and reaffirmed my belief that unassuming artists are far better than those who spend effort on nothing but their image.

Now, if only my throat didn’t hurt from overexposure and smoke….time for bed. Check me out on the CBC Newsworld tonight at 3AM, and again on Friday at 8PM and Saturday at 7pm. If you do, tape it for me? I have no VCR… :)

4 thoughts on “I want my WohTV!

  1. I saw you on Newsworld, in fact, that’s what brought me to your site just now.
    I was rapidly flipping through stations in my insomniatic state and your image quickly flashed on the screen. Now, keep in mind that I’ve been to you website maybe twice since I found it linked from a mutual friend’s, but somehow I instantly recognized you.
    This is the third such uncanny incident to happen to me in as many days.
    I repeat, weird.

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