paigelynn loves me!

    <Paige> how do i get rid of the hiccups?
   <Wohali> I always foundt aking a packet of sugar, putting it on my tongue,
            and not swalling it for as long as I could worked.
   <Wohali> (empty the packet of sugar onto your tongue, not put the entire
            packet in your mouth)
    <Paige> think a pixie stick woudl work?
    <Paige> pixy
   <Wohali> sure
   <Wohali> why not
    <Paige> i tried it.. *waits*
    <Paige> i haen't had a hiccup snice yet
    <Paige> if that works
    <Paige> i wil love you forever
* Wohali bats her eyelashes
    <Paige> omg
    <Paige> i still havecn't hiccuped since
    <Paige> you are my new goddess
   <Wohali> !!
* Paige smewches joan
* Wohali huggles paige, yay
    <Paige> that's amazing
    <Paige> i will SO remmber thaet
    <Paige> remember
    <Paige> even
    <Paige> that too
   <Wohali> it doesn't always work, but 9 times out of 10.
    <Paige> i love you forever =)
* Wohali quotes paige on that
    <Paige> dunnot worry, i won't forget =)

<Paige> i love you forever =)
I’m holding you to that…

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  1. funny! :D

    best way to get rid of hiccups [which makes sense] is hold in all the air you can and hold your breath and stretch out your body to stop your diaphragm from contracting.

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