Woke up late today, around 2:30 PM. I got some produtive work in, packing my suitcases for the big move . . . but as soon as I decided I was about ready to go out for the evening, major rain showed up and put a damper on the evening. And tomorrow’s supposed to be the Tokyo & Gay Lesbian Parade, but if it’s like this I won’t go parading! :( And even with the clothing packed, there’s just so much junk lying around the house that I need to deal with that I feel really overwhelmed with everything that needs to be sorted through. It’s really starting to pile up.

Everything feels wrong this weekend. Everything.

3 thoughts on “Yuck.

  1. ah yes, the fun stuff that’s left over after you’ve packed all the necessary stuff. i waited until the last day to pack before i moved. so once i had all my clothes & shit packed there was still all this stuff laying around… i had no idea if i’d need it or not. so i just started throwing it into random boxes & garbage bags… we’ll see what i miss.

  2. [hugs] i really hope it gets better for you. i hate waking up late, yuck. hope you get to enjoy the g&l parade. you are going back to ny? maybe we could meet one day next time i visit new york [don’t know when that will be though].

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