Doing some great work on Mercy’s new website. Hopefully online by the end of the week…

What I’ll miss for today: POLITENESS. Even if it’s culturally enforced and people are inflexible, people here are actually very nice. I will really miss it when the sushi chef behind the counter asks me how my day is, or when the woman at the cash register thanks me for my purchase and offers me a special nice tote bag for my stuff to take home. VERY elegant and very nice.

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  1. Cool, will there be a link to this Faboo website when you are done or will it be off of yours.

    Also, I think you will be quite surprised by some of the people in Canada (depending on where you are). They are a very polite people, as long as you don’t treat them, as some people do, like they are the 51st american state. :)

    Now I’m not saying they will be as polite as where you are now, but it’s there and it real.

    And it’s closer to other polite people to. I will try and remember to bring a tote bag when I see you next….. ;)

  2. I’m sure you’ll see her website before long, just keep an eye on her LJ. I’m sure she’ll post it there.

    As for the famous Canadian politeness, absolutely. Just will miss the special Japanese brand thereof.

  3. Japanese politeness is something special. I am on vacation in the US right now and I miss it already! But there are so many things that I don’t miss about the land of the rising sun.

  4. i miss japanese chocolate, even the cheap stuff was pretty good over there. i miss the convenient convenient stores. being able to pay the cel phone bill at them. the alcohol vending machines, the public transportation. something always being within walking distance.

  5. THe alcohol vending machines are all but gone, worries of kids using them to get drunk shut them down supposedly. I heard from someone else it was because the bars complained since they wanted the business after the sakayas closed…

    but the rest are big misses. and okonomiyaki :)

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