Friday night OUT!

Yay, we went out for Friday night. Dinner & a movie. Dinner at a really cool modern building where the lighting changes regularly (clean, smoke-free izakaya, why aren’t the ALL like this?) and “Total Fears” (The Sum Of All Fears).

Tom Clancy’s stuff gets a bit too involved to be worth delving into the details, but that movie helped me put my life into perspective. Sometimes the crap that happens to you is miniscule compared to the rest of the stuff that’s going on. But it’s just a movie, so who cares? It was a good ride, and I was on the end of my street.

ObThingIWillMiss: “Richard Clayderman.” No, not the piano player himself. There’s this picture of him sitting at a digital piano (Yamaha?) at the Shinjuku station. It’s also lined right up with where you need to get on the train so you’re right at the stairs when you get to Nakano (where we live.) Mercy and I both really can’t stand the guy’s music, but it’s a friendly landmark I’ll miss just the same.

Oh, and I revealed a wonderful surprise for Mercy. But she’ll have to tell you what it is herself. :)

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  1. That’s about how I feel about the guy :P but it’s just an advertisement, it doesn’t, like, play his music or anything :P

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