Modern-day Anthropology

This is perhaps one of the best social anthropological studies I’ve seen in a while. Thanks, Scott, for letting me see it. AN example:

The most disturbing customer of the day called right at nine to ask when we opened. I told him we were, and he asked if the DVD of “L.A. Sex Party” was in. (A lot of our movies have “sex party” in the title. It was only a few months ago that I realized that this is because a lot of porn renters don’t know what “orgy” means.)


1 thought on “Modern-day Anthropology

  1. I was completely engrossed while reading that… I just wasted the entire afternoon (hmm, at work… so it really wasn’t a waste, was it?).

    oh, went to sofmap yesterday… all used iBooks were JPNS keyboards unfortunately.. but I will definitely get some of those accessories before I head back to the states.

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