MIB II Ramen

OK, so I’m sitting here at my desk, having forgotten my protein powder for lunch (on a bit of a diet). Instead I ended up eating what was in my desk drawer, a present from a coworker: Men In Black II Ramen. This has the movie’s logo (those shiny blue metallic letters) and some tasty-looking ramen in a photo with a black starfield. No silhouettes of Smith & Jones here, though, probably because it would cost more.

So I make it, and come to realize that the reason it’s called MIB II Ramen is because the liquid flavor packet, and the resulting color of the soup, are the precise color of the ooze that comes out of an alien when you step on it. Gritty, black paste with a slight orange hue to it is absolutely unappealing . . . except when it’s 4:30 PM and you haven’t eaten lunch yet. :(

I hope this stuff stays down.

Oh, and in case you think I’m joking, there’s a picture of the stuff on their website. Click “Enter the site,” then “Products,” then “Foods.” Scroll down. Eeew. The convenience store chain “Family Mart” also carries the product line. Wow, so many merchandising opportunities!