How quickly we forget our history.

Sometimes, someone posts something useful, not paranoic, on slashdot. Here’s one such example. We are doomed to repeat ourselves…and the cycles of repetition are getting shorter and shorter.

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  1. that was a great article. Have you read Howard Zinn’s a people’s history? it goes into the govermental use of the espinage act and how even “liberal leaders” like Kennedy were all about curtailing free speech. I fear that we have the president we deserve right now, and Americans are going to swallow this bitter pill without even thinking about the long term ramifications of “homeland security” or even the complete disreguard to civil liberities if you are even suspected of being a terrorist (as the dirty bomber and hundreds of immigrants being held without trial have found out). I don’t think most Americans care enough unless it hurts them in the wallet or causes them fear (which the evening news is soo good at doing, rather then report real news). And over here, whenever the fbi/cia or president faces any criticism, a new ” terror alert” is released (just to keep people on their toes).
    A friend of mine in DC has been saying for years that the intelligence agencies have been salivating for a chance like this to really get back into the game, and now that 9/11 has come, they are diving in and taking as much power as they can handle. Sadly, with the current regime, and the me too democrats, they are getting it since no one wants to be seen as “soft on terrorism”.

    and you’ve prolly missed the anti drug ads here that link taking drugs to supporting terrorism. I rant about it in a journal entry a few days ago (and the push for first strike as a major part of us foreign policy).

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