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This may well be my last post before we start our vacation — NO COMPUTERS on the trip (unless you count the embedded computer in the digital camera) so you’ll all just have to wait for updates! IF you want postcards sent to you from Italy, please send me an email with your address, or post it here. We’ll be sure to send you one!

Last night (well, this morning at 5AM) I finished the xmame-0.60.1 port to the PS2. I have to say the SDL support is terrible compared to the X11 framebuffer…perhaps I’ve just overlooked something, but running in a window under X has far better performance than blitting directly to the gscon via SDL. Hopefully someone will investigate this while I’m gone…if not, I’ll do it when I return, along with porting the rest of the 0.60 input enhancements to the xmame source.

I wore a suit to work today, not because I had to, but because I don’t want to get anything dirty that I’m bringing with me to Italy. It’s a grey pants-suit, somewhat stretchy material, from Express, and I’m wearing this cute, sort of see-through silver tank top underneath it. While going to work, I walked by a tatami customization shop, and this Middle Eastern guy was sitting on the ground smoking. (Never seen him before, but I suspect he works there.) As I approached, he said “Hello,” followed quickly by “Very beautiful.” I was shocked…it’s been ages since I’ve been complemented on how I look, and I figured I had just reached that age where beauty doesn’t really shine anymore, nor are you old enough to command respect. Thank goodness I was wrong. :)

In any case, I’m off — take care everyone!

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  1. Of course you’re bootiful! Sexay!!! Erm, about that guy though, I wonder if it isn’t the same guy that harrassed us before on that street…

    I enjoyed sleeping like a kitty cat on your lap last night! Thank goodness you’ve finished that thing though! Egad, the bordom!!! ;p

    Yay, we’re off to Italy tomorrow!!! Come home early so we can pack, and don’t forget the earplanes!

  2. Hey, *I* have complimented you on how you look before. What, I don’t count because I’m a fat American? :)

  3. “I figured I had just reached that age where beauty doesn’t really shine anymore”

    there is no such age, and if there were, you are certainly not even approaching half of it.

  4. oooh! if you send me a postcard i would be very happy :)

    my address is:

    adam hauch
    6190 C-Street unit 4142
    Beale AFB, CA, 95903


  5. Don’t know if it’s too late, but could you send a Postcard to Tom? He and me live at:

    Tom Lupien
    8 Colbert Ave, Apt 10
    Maynard, MA 01754

    BTW, I’m Tricia. Tom’s fiance. Nice to meet you. :)

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