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  1. Yeah. I agree with many of those things. I thought Japan would be a cool place to live after the first 4 trips or so. After the second 4, I’m not so sure I’d like it anymore. Nice place to visit, fun language to learn (just because it’s so damn hard), fun people… but maybe not somewhere I’d want to live. I am curious to see your rant about the US sometime.. wonder how many of those things I agree with also. :)

  2. It’s been too long since I’ve lived there! But the top three have to be: fat people/fatty food (not including you love :P), rudeness and a general overindulgence in everything. Perhaps once I return again I’ll have one…

  3. I don’t think that the demand to leave the country that one doesn’t like is a valid one — in US local population gives this kind of demands to foreigners that complain about local suckage, and it sounds very insulting, or at least it did when was directed at me. Personally I would prefer to remain in US, and let the locals have the horrible inconvenience of my complaints in the hope that valid and understandable complaints, even if insulting, may contribute something to improvement.

    But then again, US is not Japan, language barrier is much less significant for me, my complaints are usually in local language, and I am not trying to be, or associate myself with some community of foreigners that is separated from locals. So this is probably completely unrelated to what you wrote except that it reminded me of something I dislike in US.

  4. I think there’s something very valid in complaining about things as a foreigner, in the local language, in an attempt to make things better. But there’s no way I can get a voice on these things, and being a newcomer here makes it hard for my voice to be heard and/or be respected at all…

  5. I just fucking hate the US immigration policy. Now I *have* to choose to live somewhere else.

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