THIS IS AN EYES ONLY…oh, sod the Dark Angel stuff. :)

Unconfirmed rumor: Spike Tokyo has closed its doors. Supposedly 12 people were fired (probably the rest are heading to Sydney or other offices…)

2 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN

  1. Wohali: “Look into my eyes…you feel very, very sleepy. you are sinking deeper and deeper. the whites of my eyes remind you of the center of a boston creme donut. you are under my spell. the power of the donut compels you to seek out a krispy kreme. that’s right. you will get me the donuts. yes, the donuts. you will kill for donuts. what will you do for the donuts?”

    Donut Slave: “Kill.”

    Wohoali: “yes, that’s right. you breathe donuts.

    Donut Slave: “I breathe donuts.”

    Wohali: “yes, that’s right. they are your life blood. you feel weak against my powers. you shall bring me the donuts.”

    Donut Slave: “bring donuts.”

    Wohali: “good donut slave.”

    (I always knew I’d figure out your secret power!)

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