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So I spent most of yesterday getting M.A.M.E. working on my PlayStation 2 Linux system. Post a followup if you want details.

This morning, the Nakano police department had cleared away most of the bicycles from the way I normally walk to the station. This makes the sidewalk almost TWICE the width, which fucking rocks. I’m sick of having to squeeze by people walking too slowly because there isn’t a “pedestrian passing lane.”

Yesterday I seem to have gotten a piece of food stuck in the back of my nose, and it’s exploded into a full-blown cold today. (This always happens, something backs up into my nose and I get sick for a week. POUT!) So I’m taking lots of Neo Citran and trying to hang onto consciousness at work.

LAME. Except for MAME. :)

4 thoughts on “{ps2mame, bicycles, illness}

  1. food in the back of your nose??? you should learn how to farmer spit… not very lady-like but hey you won’t be sick. ^^

  2. Linux on your PS2?? I am picturing playing Galaga on Kat’s PS2… Ok, if I get this working Kat is going to be pretty mad, because I will never leave the floor in front of the TV, and Kat won’t be able to play Final Fantasy X.

  3. Go and order the pre-order Linux kit from the Sony website before they’re all sold out, if you want it…and yes, it works very well, thank you very much…

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