So much activity!

Everyone seems to be posting so much to their LJs these days. On Monday, I literally had to go back two pages of 20 entries each on my friends list to find the last post I had read on Friday!

The sakura in Tokyo are really overrated. In fact, I would hazard a guess to say that pretty much everywhere in Japan, the blossoms are dwarfed by giant columns and cubes of concrete, steel and glass. Japan’s economy has a need to be productive, and if the only bang it can get is by fueling itself with ridiculous construction projects, then it’ll do it. Kyoto itself barely has any traditional housing left . . . what all of you who have never been here imagine as a quiet city of small, antique homes and gorgeous mansions is really just another sprawling urban wasteland with a few boring blocks of uninteresting architecture. Any country that willingly tears down a Frank Lloyd Wright hotel that managed to survive the great 1923 Tokyo earthquake in the 1960s while his widow is giving a protest speech in front of it just to prove that they’re “modern” truly has some issues it needs to work through. Even though the hotel was built partially on unstable marshy ground, authorities chose to demolish the gorgeous building to proceed with the march on modernism. Cultural bankruptcy is extremely damaging, and I’ll probably keep talking about it the longer I stay in this country. Look at more pictures of the Imperial Hotel and revel in the few photos of it that still remain.

I’m looking for a banner that says “This LiveJournal/Website is Drama-Free(tm)” — anyone care to Photoshop one up for me? :)

5 thoughts on “So much activity!

  1. Sorry about all my entries :P

    *ponders setting up multiple friends list and excluding you from the dramatic-juli group*

  2. there are many pics of the imperial hotel at the frank lloyd wright museum in oak park ;)

    i can make the banner for ya

  3. Do it! Give me 3 choices, just like any good gd shop would do. :)

    BTW, yeah, I lived in Chicago for 11 years and the family made an annual trip to the Oak Park museum. I just forgot about the hotel pics there. :P Still, it’s a crying shame…

  4. heh — well, it’s all this “this user did this to this user and so you’re not on my friends list anymore” nonsense that feels so . . . high school that I’m trying to avoid :) Personal issues are what a journal is all about, though they shouldn’t be TOO dramatic…if they are, keep them as private entries lest you embarass yourself 10 years in the future :P

  5. It’s sorta nice to have public scrutiny on my mood swings, but it’s easy enough to ‘Edit Entries’ and mark something private.

    As for the drama as in the highschool/teenageish contingency… It happens :)

    Speaking of my own personal drama, I’m watching Chasing Amy right now — is there any time this movie can’t offer good advice? Further, in those cases, can High Fidelity not offer good advice? :)

    PS: Still have the wrapping and card from the HF DVD, it’s very cool to be able to grab it and hold it :>

    I’m weird right now.. So hi there? I’m eating more Saris Candies chocolates, my god I missed this stuff!!

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