Screw linux.

You know, I go out and buy the hardware you guys recommend. I even saw a big “Intersil Prism2” sticker on the side of the NIC’s box.

I install linux. about 400 times. no dice. not with wvlan_cs, not with orinoco_cs, not even with prism2_cs. It’s just foobar.

So I completely destroyed my last desktop PC (PPro 200, 64MB) because I am just sick of this nonsense. If you guys can figure out how the hell linux PCMCIA supports a card that identifies itself as “HyperLink Wireless PC Card 11Mbps” then go for it. My websearches turned up a guy from a while ago who got it working with a now outdated kernel. Now support (and a string for it in /etc/pcmcia.conf or hermes.conf) don’t exist.

So there. Screw linux. As a matter of fact, screw any OS that takes two days out of your life to eventually STILL not work.

I’m off to Yodobashi to buy myself another standalone unit with a bridge mode built in. SIGH.

4 thoughts on “Screw linux.

  1. That’s my feeling on it too. I’ll stick with Windows these days. :)

    Hope to see you for dinner this week or next. :)

  2. /me bows down.
    I don’t even understand what you are talking about…

    I only install FreeBSD nowadays, to use them for servers. Linux for fun, well, still a bit far away.

  3. We’re on opposite ends of the globe, yet we seemed to synchronize our uber-frustrating days. I don’t understand the computer speak, but I do understand the emotion behind it.


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