oh no

I overslept by an hour this morning, which means . . . my GF was an hour late to work. To taking care of screaming kiddies.


(Even though she’s quitting in two weeks, and they know it. It’s not fair to the parents or the other teacher.)

I’m now taking suggestions on how to make it up to her.

5 thoughts on “oh no

  1. By the way its Tom.

    As a fellow teacher i can say for a start; When she gets home, sit her in a comfy chair and give her silence and candles and gently rub her temples.

    Miss ya much


  2. 1. I was on allergy medications so I was out cold

    2. She sleeps next to the alarm clock.

    3. She turned it off several times without getting up and without waking me

    4. She likes to take responsibility for stuff

    5. She’s a total sweetheart

    6. None of your biz ;p

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