…and honesty.

Overall, the last post is about being honest with my friends and myself. I can’t answer everyone’s emails in detail. I can’t solve everyone’s problems. I don’t always get along with everyone I know. That’s life, and I gotta learn to deal with that.

I couldn’t easily edit that thread into my last article, and I have to run off to the conference now, but I thought you all might like to know that I’m being more honest with myself — and with you.

2 thoughts on “…and honesty.

  1. So yeah, since I seem to have gotten lost and not weaved a clear thread in my second big reply to your last post, I’m going to try to clarify what I meant in reply to this one…

    It isn’t a problem that you can’t do those things. You say “That’s life” as if it’s a problem, but to me it seems that none of that is required to be someone’s friend anyway, so not “That’s life”, not that you need to learn to deal with it… Just you need to learn that it doesn’t _really_ matter, unless someone is only using friendship with you to try to solve their problems.

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