long day

What a day it’s been…not only did I end up working my ass off until like 10PM on stuff for a proposal at work (yipes!) but I came home and typed up a chip list for my Voyetra 8 synthesizer. On Crow’s recommendation, I should replace all the early 80s vintage 4xxx CMOS chips, which means desoldering and replacing about 73 chips, each with an average of 12 or 14 pins. It’s gonna be a lot of manual work, but it’ll be so worth it when this thing is done. There’s nothing better than taking something rare and broken, and turning it into something rare and valuable. Heck, I’m even thinking of customizing parts of the machine!

So, with any fortitude on my part, I’ll end up in Akihabara over the weekend, clearing out some of those parts vendors of their analog mux chips. wheeeeeeeeee! and maybe I’ll meet my friend and pick up the oscilloscope he’s gonna let me too.

And next weekend — Garbage, front row seats! Yippeee!

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