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The Japanese word madogiwa refers to employees of a company who have been “demoted” by their management. Yet, because of restrictive Japanese labor laws, they can’t be fired — so they receive a salary for doing nothing all day.

What do you think of that? Would you accept a role in which you do nothing, but get paid a salary — and yet have to live with the humiliation of telling your friends you’re in this despicable position?

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  1. In normal market conditions no but seeing as the market is very shitty for jobs right now (at least tech industry, USA/CND) I’d probably stay in it until I could find something else

  2. It happens in France too and is actually illegal because it is considered as torture.
    You can sue your employer for doing that.

  3. I dunno what Eve is talking about.. the job market is great right now. Finally we don’t have problems hiring qualified people, and we can even afford to fire the ones who suck. :)

    As to your question.. would I actually have to GO to work? I could probably go for it, if it meant I could take college classes, read, learn languages, etc. And when I got tired of that, I’d use my new-found knowledge and get a new job. :)

  4. There is a big difference between the employer looking to hire and someone looking for a job. You have more people competing for the same position right now. I know too many people who got laid off and have been unemployed for a minimum of a month to a max of 7 months depending on where they live.

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